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"Year 1 is the vision of danish multimedia artist This Boy. It's a full length album accompanied by a strong visual tale. The music is unrelenting in its attempt to take your breath away. Angelic choirs atop frantic classic violins and gritty 8-bit beats, fusioned together with a new kind of disregard for type and genre. Alongside the album follows the 32 min visuel piece, and together they tell the story of a personal liberation over the course of a year. The piece as a whole questions some of the main fundamentals guiding our day to day lives. What boxes do we deliberately choose to reside in, and do we have to stay there? It's an unfiltered tale, straight from the mind of This Boy, with its very own definition of beauty. Year 1 is written, directed, produced and funded by the small team inhabiting the This Boy alias" 

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